Lisa Donath, Director of Events, together with Bronte Price and the NSW DSRD team, organised the USA Gateway Forum at NSW DSRD's new offices on the 47th Floor of the MLC Centre overlooking Sydney. The Guests and the Panel networked until 8:30pm swapping cards, war stories and extracting the gems from the panel and each other.



from left to right:- Martin Hosking, Chris Knepler, Rob Smyth and Allan Aaron

Gems of USA Exporting included:-

be prepared to move to the USA until your business is established; hire good people who are well networked and connected in your industry; be prepared to invest significant resources (time and money) into entering the USA market;join groups such as Advance, AAA, ANZATech and others to meet relevant people; be prepared with as much market research as possible; a good lawyer who is well connected is worth his/her weight in gold; make sure you have all your legals and patents tied up as much as possible;it is a good thing to partner with like minded companies; know where you are in the food chain.... and based on your business plan and goals, target your potential exit; continue to work within sound business principles; maximise any grants that are available for your business - this is the cheapest form of finance. Grants include EMDG, COMET , State Grants, R&D Grants; beware of cultural differences; ; ; trade shows and events are very important; if you are not prepared to move to the USA, it is a good thing to have a trusted partner over their; determine ways in which you are going to enter the market - through distributors, agents, your own office;network, network, network - ; Use consultants who are connected in your field of expertise;Austrade and State Government Offices canprovide much help adn introductions at high levels.

The Audience



Carole Schlesinger of Darimi Kidz shared her experiences on selling her sun protective swimwear in the USA. It is important to have a USA partner and USA is a big placce, what is popular on the East Coast is possibly impossible to sell on the West Coast and Visa Versa.