There are many roads to success. The path from concept to commercialisation can be a treacherous journey for many entrepreneurs. And the road from export potential to genuine global player can offer more pitfalls than a Himalayan hike.

Sydney and Melbourne based Business Strategies International (BSI), with its venture-fund arm, Australian Distributed Incubator (ADI), has put together a multifaceted business model to help Australian entrepreneurs grow their businesses through grant assistance, tax incentive advice and appropriate growth solutions, such as capital raising and export services.

“ According to BSI client, Peter Klein, Chief Executive Officer of IOTEQ, “One main distinction between BSI and some other service providers that I have dealt with is that the person I’m speaking to, the person with the experience, is the person who will do the work – not some junior. They have different managers with different skills, who are focused on outcomes.” One of these managers is BSI Director Mike Lynch, who is appointed to assist companies source grant assistance. “What I have found,” says Lynch. “Is that many companies are not aware of the resources available to them for growth. We honestly meet new companies every week that have never heard of the R&D assistance programs or consider themselves eligible. Even companies that have tried to access assistance rarely understand their full entitlements and opportunities.”

Over recent years, BSI has attracted significant attention (and significant capital for its clients) by staging quarterly Investor Forums. These events are attended by leading angel investors and representatives from the Australian venture capital industry. According to Milwidsky, VicStart funding, through ADI, and investor ready assistance, from the Federal Government’s COMET program, are helping more fast-growth companies attract financial support through these events. “Many companies have attempted to stage investor forums but, in my opinion, none have been as successful as those held by BSI. This is simply because sophisticated investors recognise the behind the scenes work we put into helping capital seekers prepare before they present. For that reason, our Forums consistently attract high level investors, who are actively seeking private Australian companies to invest in.” “The VicStart funding has allowed us to better promote these events and stage more Forums, particularly in Victoria, while COMET is allowing us to assist more companies become investor ready,” says Milwidsky. “By combining all our services, our goal is to help business owners traverse that path from concept to commercialisation