Chris Shipley, founder of Demo talks to Mark Jones about the amazing innovations identified in Australia, specifically identifying Booking Angel as a great opportunity.

TIVO, WEBEX, and others have in common.... they all presented at Demo!!

BSI was honoured to have Chris present to their clients and community in Sydney and Melbourne.

If VCs and Angels like what they see at Demo, there is a good chance that the Startup will achieve greatness.

Chris identified the Aussie humility and modesty as a constraint in Aussie Companies achieving success in Australia.

Guidewire Group - creation of Data and using data for research - is a great opportunity.

Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 - We are seeing a paradigm shift - information is now highly distributed and individuals are able to distribute, create and amplify models.... its all about community and customers, collaboration with each other using software.

for details of the interview see Mark Jones Scoop

Chris Shipley Being interviewed by Mark Jones of AFR on Australian Innovation - identifying Booking Angel as a great Innovation