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10 gems to get new leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales team and business. The easier it is for a business to get leads the faster that company will grow. 
Warm leads close faster and with less effort allowing you to process more of them. 
It is generally understood that B2B lead gen is held up by three pillars. 
– content marketing, 
– in-person relationships and 
– referrals from existing customers or contacts. 
Beliw are 10 ideas that will generate you warm leads 
* Web Functionality over beauty. The more functional and easily understood your website is the better chance it has of generating leads for your business. It needs to be easy to navigate and find information on easily. 
* Host an event, course or webinar. Events, Courses and webinars are powerful tools in establishing you as a credible source of knowledge in the industry and a company that businesses can trust. A significant bonus with a webinar is that you are creating useful content that will continue to generate leads for you long after you upload it. It is also a wonderful way to help educate potential clients on ways that you can help them, this helps to build goodwill and trust.
* Demos and Trials. You can explain everything you want to people but there is nothing like showing them. Letting prospects hold your product in their hands for a while or at least showing them how it works in real life is important particularly in B2B. This study found that 64% of business owners prefer to personally try something before they buy it. So extending free trial periods is a good way of getting people hooked onto your product. It also shows that you have faith in your product by offering it for free for a period of time. This has become a very popular choice of lead generation in the software industry where free trial periods are almost expected.
* Guest blogging and commenting. Yes, blogging is a great way to get leads. But it does take time and you are not quite sure how much time it will take before your blog is generating leads for you. One way to help jump-start the process is to try and guest blog on another (hopefully popular) blog or comment on blogs and articles from industry publications. The goal is to provide useful and meaningful comments and information and should not just be sales driven. This tactic will bring you into the eye of a lot of people, some of whom will click on your link and go to your site.
* Paid Traffic. Want things to happen instantly, just pay a bit more. Huge companies like Google and Facebook generate most of their income through business buying space for people’s attention. It is a quick way to generate traffic, if done correctly, if not it can be a huge waste of money. But it is a well understood formula, with enough effort and money you will generate leads. These leads are not ideally scalable as your cost for acquiring the customers will continue to increase.
* Exit-popups. These tools have proven to be hugely successful for both B2B and B2C businesses. 99% of people do not buy on their first visit to a website, but that does not mean they will never buy. Asking for their email in exchange for something is a great way for you to stay in touch and be in top of mind recall when their problem does arise again. This helps to make sure you are maximising the value of every visitor that comes to your website.
* Customer Testimonials. Nothing makes another person feel more comfortable than knowing someone else has used your product or tool. Have solid customer testimonials from companies that people know and recognise go a long way in helping convince visitors to trust you. Videos also make great sharing content and having a customer speak about your product increases the ability for you to social sell.
* Personalisation. If you do not have the budget to go big, then go the opposite and go small. Instead of sending an email to 10 million people, try sending it to 100 very specific very targeted people. Addressing how you can help them add value to their clients. You may find the response rate of that campaign much higher than a larger “spray and pray” approach. Everyone wants to feel they are special, by targeting an individual you make them much more likely to respond and continue the conversation.
* SMARKETING. This is the combination of sales and marketing into a unit that understands and works together. Although both playing for the same team (i.e. revenue), sales and marketing have for so long been operated in silos. As digital continues to grow its share and size of wallet, Smarketing will be increasingly important for any successful business. Are your sales and marketing teams meeting regularly and at every level? The sales team should be feeding back important information from the coalface and marketing should be providing ideas and concepts backed by data and have proven to work. You will see instant results from enough a small increase in cooperation.
* Referron – be sure to refer someone you know like and trust and be sure to track measure and reward it 
* BBG – join a BBG chapter in your town …. And if there isn’t one
Posted on July 5, 2016

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