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10 Hacks you can do to punch above your weight and get the gig

A powerful session by some seriously smart people focussing on adding value to the klt hotseat 

  • How do you punch above your weight? 
  • When you try and pitch for a tender to a larger company – is it important to make your business bigger than it is!  
  • What can you do to become a preferred supplier to a “whale”? 

Here are 9 things that were identified in today’s klt hotseat 

  1. Be clear on your Unique Selling Proposition 

Make a list of all the things that 

  1. Why a company would not buy from you 
  2. What a company is looking for when buying your product or service 
  3. What are their pain points 

Ask leading questions …

  • “Tell me about the Time when things didn’t work “
  • “How do you find that out …..
  • “What keeps you up at night “

Do your research 

  • Find out who the decision maker is 
  • Do your research on him/ her 
  • What keeps them up at night
  • What you can do to solve their pain
  • What is their personality profile 
  • Empathise

Invite them to a bbg forum 

Build a relationship  

Nothing better than face to face 

Once you find out the 3 questions, 

Find answers to the questions and fears and this will tease out your Unique Selling Proposition

  • 2.  Collaborate 
  • Can you collaborate with other smaller businesses or “giggers” and disrupt the big players? 

    Social media and websites – can you get address and tel # in strategic places 

  • 3. Be socially responsible 
  • Align with social enterprise (especially if decision maker is millennial or gen y or z! )

    Identify who you ideal customer /customers are – create avatars / Personas of them 

  • 4. Can you Guarantee delivery 
  • 5. Find out what the market wants and deliver it .. 
  • Daniel’s Example 

    Beauty industry – perfumes – high prices, fancy bottles, scientific -men testing in white jackets – pretty

    Customers wanted all natural and 

    body shop and similar companies took market share 

  • 6. Use your BBG members and Advocates 
  • They will sell for you. Your best advocates are your happy clients and stakeholders. A recommendation from someone that your prospect knows is often enough! 

    Meet with BBG members – they are connected – they will refer you to decision makers – ASK 

  • 7. Understand your funnel 
  • 8. The 3rd Quotient IQ EQ and LQ  – Likeability Quotient 
  • Provide case studies and TESTAMONIALS – to build trust and credibility 

  • 10. Provide a WoW service 
  • Provide a brilliant service , on time and wow your ciustomers 

    Posted on July 19, 2019

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