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4 tips to improve your engagement on linked in from Simon Clarke


Are you one of the countless members on this platform who has something to promote? 

Are you posting content about your employer, about your own company, or about yourself?

Do you get constantly frustrated when you’ve done the hard yards, added a lot of connections on your network, and yet still only have a few hundred views?

There are four simple steps that you can take to dramatically increase the audience of your submitted content:

  1. Never, ever, embed a link to an external website in the body of your post. LinkedIn want clicks on THEIR site, not have you going off to externally hosted content, where you may never return from. If you have a Press Release or some other content, either post it here using the “Write an Article” option, or post a summary and reference the first comment to find out more. Having posted that summary, immediately comment on your own post and paste in the link to the external content. LinkedIn will look at your post and rank it higher because it is internal content. Hence you’ll get more views.
  2. Use short, easy to read grammatical constructs. Bullet points, numbered lists, short sentences.
  3. Make your content bite-sized literally and easy to digest. 
  4. Try to avoid jargon or explain it, especially if it has different meanings in other parts of the world.

I hope these four tips improve your audience engagement. Please comment below with other tips that you’ve found to improve your content readership.

Posted on December 10, 2018

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