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Michael Perkins talking about the future of the Professional Firm and the need for collaboration at the BBG Mastermind Lunch series on ” Beyond the Future of Work” 

Quotable Comment about the event
Quotable Gem you got from the event
Very thought provoking for the future of collaboration between professional advisors
Need to keep reinventing yourself
I am, I do , I fit => Collaboration approach
TREAT  – BSI Values – trust, respect, energy , adventurous, , team First 
Like Minded energised audience 
Collaboration is Key
Interesting & Informative. Reminds us to plan properly for the future.
Focus on Collaboration
Trusted Network
Generated Value – around the client
Great insight into the practices of modern workplace
Personal Mastery
Give yourself time to learn before you earn
The concept of collaborative professionals under one formal legal company.i –  a common system – a market provider through collaboration
Time to learn=Time to Earn
Develop collaboration and resources
Collaborate,Build,Co-operate Trust
Future of Work is here
Reflective Solution for building collaboration in a workplace
Collaboration and referrals are most important
Good for B2B Collabration
A platform to know Business People
Felt event names/details didn’t describe event well
Needs more polish as presentation
Inspiring and Informative
Collaboration Diagram     I am I do I fit 
Very Interesting for family owned businesses
Excellent & Informative
Holistic Customer Service
A clear description of how collaborative business models should operate
Collaboration is a discipline
3/4 of supreme court actions are contesting wills-shows importence and social value of estate planning for families
Referron App for networking
Posted on September 8, 2017

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