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It has become apparent that the Universe has conspired to create unity in the world. Despite and because of our fears, anxiety,pain and suffering, we are a united global world.  No matter where we live, what our social, cultural, political, spiritual and personal “differences” may be, we are all experiencing this crisis together.  In a strange and amazing way…there is wonder here…people are reaching out to others, protecting our aged communities rather than ignoring them, lower pollution has allowed the environment to recover and birds to sing, despite the paranoia and rush for groceries, we are slowing down and contemplating…and hopefully appreciating the important aspects of life more. Lets keep in touch by phone and social media…social contact is now more vital than ever. Please listen…

Stay home and stay safe.

ps. yes, we have postponed our travel to Australia. Its very disappointing but again, life is precious and there’s always the future.

Posted on March 18, 2020

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