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Linkedin integral to the process – I have developed a following of over 30k linked 1st contacts – which has opened up a great source of ideal prospects for my business .

Get on LinkedIn and focus your opportunities there 

  1. Complete your profile – it’s the window to your business – make it compelling – add value to your ideal customer- share stuff about you – share your story – who you are, what you do  and how you can help them , what’s drives you – it’s the first part of a journey 
  2. Connect with everyone – this is your lead base – use it as a vessel to source ideal targets – the more you connex with interesting g people – people you don’t know – the more opportunities you are going to have 
  3. Endorse and recommend others – the best way to receive and endorse is to give endorsements and recommendations . Go through close friends and colleagues – endorse and recommend them – leave messages on their profile so other people can see how good they are . 
  4. Create your own targeted LinkedIn group – it’s effectively a bbg forum – I use Whatsapp – sports industry network – sports industry execs from around the world – Expands influence – enables me To send message to all members 
  5. Optimise you’re profile for search rankings – 
  6. Create content – optimise – tips and tricks . Make sure you have key words in your profile – People searching experts consultants thought leaders freelancers


Posted on May 25, 2020

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