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8 reasons to referron

connect with me on referron . I have had 114 referrals since its launch 6 weeks ago!
Referron enables you to refer to and get referred by someone you know like and trust within 3 taps of your phone.
– enables you to refer on he fly
– enables you to track and reward your referrals from your own referron portal.
– enables you to mobilise your social network to take action
– allows you to engage with your social network
– enables you to encourage people to connect with you on your blogs, web pages, social networks and emails
– enables you to identify who your advocates are and nurture them
– keeps you top of mind with people who know like and trust you
– free to download and refer, and your first 3 referrals a moth are free, thereafter, a nominal fee per month
The more you refer to people who know, like and trust you, the more referrals you will get.(the law of reciprocation)
Posted on July 19, 2013

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