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A thinktank on the Dos and Don’ts of customer service

The March 2017 HNI forum this morning was charged, as Geoff was facilitating  the  thinktank of customer experience and its importance in growing your business.

Only 6 places available until group is at capacity! 


The team came up with the following Do’s and Dont’s of Customer Service…..


  1. Set expectations – Preframe what’s going to happen 
  2. Systemise and document processes 
  3. Gratitude 
  4. Trust 
  5. Relationship is key  – making your customer  feel needed – make customer feel important – know their name, family, needs and wants. Be warm, Making it an awesome experience , obsess on the little things, be nice, don’t make customer feel that they are just a number services by a machine 
  6. Think outside the box – find different solutions 
  7. Take responsibility – own the problem until it is solved 
  8. 24/7 service 
  9. Be accessible 
  10. Regular contact – frequency is good
  11. Demonstrate value upfront 
  12. Human to human -is important but automate well
  13. Don’t avoid complaints – tackling it – a well handled complaint – a force for your business 
  14. Have a partnership approach to business – not a transactional approach 
  15. Provide a WOW service 
  16. Underpromise and Overdeliver


  1. Over promise under deliver – be true to your world 
  2. Lack of follow up
  3. Lack of respect 
  4. Be late 
  5. Be arrogant 
  6. Take too long 
  7. Be smartest person in room 
To join as a guest at the next event gobto http://ift.tt/2d9EMOY

Posted on March 19, 2017

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