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Active Listening is an Art

Over the years , I have attended countless meetings …… and I so often don’t implement  the secret that I know makes for a successful meeting – and that is 

Below are 3 key strategies – that I am going to make an active point of improving…….

  1. Give people time to reply 

I am guilty of starting a conversation and putting a thought or question out there, and instead  of giving the other individual time to formulate a response, i immediately re-phrase the question or remark and answer it! 

I tend to hi-jack a conversation and realise that I spoke too soon and cut off the other person’s response. 

  1. Listen to understand 

We often don’t hear, or worse, understand what the other person  says because I am so busy formulating our response  to what I assume they will say. 

I want to be perceived as quick witted and always prepared with a snappy comeback to any question or comment.  

The problem with this is that I missing so much vital information, because I am not actively listening to what the other human is saying 

  1. Listen with intent and notice verbal and non verbal cues

Hear every word, pick up on each nuance, and watch their non-verbal body language. 

For example 

When a person is excited to share information, or tell you a very key point, they intuitively lean forward as if to say, “don’t miss this next point because it is very important”. 

Whether they raise or lower the volume and the tone they use – watch for non-verbal hints.

Hear what your client tells you, and how many times and ways they tell you the same thing. Listen to what they need and frame your response on how you can help them .


This is a tip that my mentor Allen Pathmarajah shared with me – (that works really well when I use this strategy)

Count to ten before responding 

It will seem like an eternity, but be smart and give the person with whom you are communicating the time to acknowledge your comment or statement. 

It expand the opportunities for communication, and gives you time to hear and take notice of what they are trying to say and how they are feeling 

Listening builds respect and credibility

And by the way , 

Listen and Silent have the same letters 

Posted on November 20, 2018

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