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Adam Posner on BBG FOrum and takeouts from Victor Perton’s BBG Knowledge Share

Victor has one letter short of victory – the Y being looking at You – the leader in the mirror.

Victor Frankl – mans search for meaning – survived unmitigated evil – throough hope and a sense of purpose. Many people in holocast died at Christmas, as they stopped being optimistic about being free.
Realistic and infectious optimistic is key.

Victor Perton

It’s the way you look at things. The  prism to world is the News – and the News has gone from balance to apocalyptic

  • Malaria – halved death rate
  • Beaten absolute poverty
  • Defeated Polio 
  • Chldren dont get measles and small pox
  • The world is a  better place

Adam Posner came up with GLAD from VIctor’s talk 

G – Be Grateful
L – Language – use it in a positive way
A – Always learning – learn every day
D – Desire to have courage

This is what other people

Posted on August 2, 2020

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