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An awesome BBg Forum and Hotseat with Wayne Brightman as the Hotseater

Last Friday ended with an absolute high for me after attending Mark Pinhorn’s  BBG Hyd Sutherland forum.

Know Like and Trust (KLT)  with the group kicked in – and the forum was used to build trust with members focussed on adding value to each other with a real “spirit of generosity.”

The hotseat with Wayne  Brightman was gold – he has given permission to share the following email he sent following up of his klt hotseat – which got an immediate masssive response – and further offers for help from each of the bbg forum members:-

Wayne’s Letter:- 

“Good Morning all,


I’ve  attended many networking meetings/events over the last 4yrs – so without prejudice I can say we have an amazing group that should be a benchmark for BBG moving forward.

I would like to thank everyone for the feedback at yesterday’s meeting. Some I have called personally and as time got away yesterday I didn’t call all but please do not feel your forgotten I’ll call during the week.


Danielle if there is still seats I would like to take 2 tickets please, also I would like to assist more with “KC”, we’ve provided pens in the past but after engaging with you and another board member I now feel I can do better.


Craig, WOW I woke up Friday thinking I would have a chat to you about succession planning and now … I want to learn much more


Anna, Loved your presentation and I should have invested way more over the years as I had the ability to do so, it’s very refreshing to here you can over pay for a personal property because you can, I did that for my mum in 1993, (one day we’ll own it)


Mark…. Yeah you know mate”


The klt hotseat

Hotseaters – you can use this to talk at – or you can use this to share an issue and ask for help – hint – people want to help and add value !!

The objective is not for the members of the panel to rant on and show people how good they are – the objective is to find out ways where they can genuinely help the person in the hotseat with a spirit of generosity. 

Not only for the 15 minutes they have to ask relevant questions and give advice  – but actively over the next month or year!! 

Who can you refer the hotseater to?
How can you help him/her?
What advice can you offer the hotseater solve that issue and help grow their business?

Over the months and years that The BBG forum meets –  its amazing to see how KLT  developed  – members  start referring – and they become each other’s advisory board! 

Guests are welcome and have an opportunity to network with members and guests and to contribute to the hotseater and take away gems that are given and have an opportunity to start developing relationships with people who they meet.

The hot seat for hotseaters and interviewers can be extremely powerful. 

Like everything in life – Depending on what you put into it – you get out of it

Some tips for the hotseater 
  • Acknowledge the person and thank them for the advice – meet with them to further explore the gems that they give 
  • This is an opportunity for you to actively build your business and create advocates!

2 things I’m going to leave you with:-

1. Who do you want to be in your BBG chapter? Be sure to invite them as a guest to the next forum


2. What are you going to do to add value to someone in your BBG chapter this month?


Ps feel free to download my business card https://members.referron.com/bsivc

Posted on October 21, 2018

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