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Are you right for our forum?

“None of us is as smart as all of us” – A Japanese Proverb 
Join a safe, confidential
and trusting “BBG Forum” of up to 20 peer CEO’s, Executives , ENtrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders

Business owners and leaders from non-competing companies and organizations – free of any conflicts of
interests and hidden agendas, meet, with the objective of helping each other grow!

Your “BBG Forum” , is a powerful group of up to 20
members, meeting once a  month,  where you discuss opportunities, challenges
and issues relating to you business. It provides feedback and guidance on an
intellectual and emotional level (food for the business soul) , tapping into
the core source of true leadership .

As a member of the “BBG Forum” you are also invited
to our Mastermind Lunches and Gala Events , where you meet 
the members, with a view to network, collaborate, connect and grow.

The BBG Forums are  facilitated by accredited “BBG facilitators”  who facilitate the group, and discusses “leadership Insights”, enabling you to “lift your leadership lid” and “grow
as  a leader”.

The Goal – to have 10,000 members in 10 Countries within 5

And of course , you as a member have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the other members using Referron and our proprietary CRM on Bitrix 24.
Posted on September 11, 2018

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