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Australia to 2030 – an exciting place to be! (In my view!!!)

  • Have Interest rates peaked?
  • Is Property on the March upwards?
  • Is Australia heading into a Purple 7 year patch? 

Some indicators of the Australian economy from Ark Total Wealth’s Chris Magnus 


Aussie Exports may have a windfall – with China easing restrictions on Aussie exports –  Coal, Barley, Wine and Timber – Particularly as most of them have found other strong markets over the last few years, exporting to India, Japan, South Korea instead, so any extra exports to China will be just a bonus. 

Job Market 

Currently at an all time low … less than 4% 

Property Market 

Fewer people are selling – immigration growing – pressure on rents dues to  lack of property supply … indicating property prices will increase with inflation 

Superannuation pot 

 Continuing to grow – with SGC rising to 11% 

Share market 

Global shares – hitting a peak of 4,818 in aug 2021 before dropping down to 3,636 at the lows. It has then since recovered back to 4,151 today. 

Asx200 – hittkng a peak of 7,632 dropping to a low of 6,407 recovering to 7,345 today.

Where to from here ? Up or down ?

Taking care of our planet and people 

Corporates and Government listening to our Children –  becoming more Focussing on Climate change – diversity equity and inclusion – and being human – seems not only to be the right thing to do but the smart thing to do 

Chris Magnus’s gem 

Increase your income, spend less, save more and invest the difference to build your future wealth. 

Here is Chris Magnus’s  article 


Where to from here ? 

Are you well placed to take advantage of the potential opportunities that Australia has to offer over the next 10 years? 

If you want a referral to Chris and his team – for an obligation free chat let me know 

Posted on April 20, 2023

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