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BBG Innovation Forum with Michael Haynes – Listen | Innovate | Grow

An action-packed session on Innovating in a post pandemic era 

Michael Haynes share with us how businesses can grow through innovation.

  • What is innovation ? 
  • 5 secrets of how buyers buy – do your research 
  • Listen to what your customers want – tips and tricks
  • Unpacking the different types of business innovation – product/service, organisation, process and marketing 
  • Where to from here?
  • What is innovation ? People tell you to pivot, flex , try something new – aaaaaaaarrrggghhhh – 

The 5 secrets of how buyers buy …..
Find out who your business buyers are your business buyers are
The 4 tips on how to listen to your business buyers 
The importance of listening to your business buyers
The 4 types  of innovation 
  • Product/service innovation
  • Organisation innovation
  • Process innovation
  • Marketing innovations
Posted on June 8, 2020

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