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Be present at meetings


I can type twice as fast as I can write with pen and paper. I’m a gigantic believer that the best place for words, thoughts and documents to be stored is in the cloud — not in notebooks, not in filing cabinets.

Digital is fast, smart and convenient. I have drunk this Kool-Aid. I have proclaimed, loudly, its many virtues.

But as much as I believe in digital organization and efficiency, there is something I believe even more deeply.

It’s that you are more important.

If you’re sitting across the table from me, I want you to see and know that I’m fully present with you.

I want you to see me jotting notes on paper because I want you to know that I’m focused on you, your words, your story. I don’t want you to ever wonder whether I’m behind my laptop responding to email while we’re talking.

You know why?

I’ve been in way too many meetings where the person I’m talking to is nodding and mmhmming while typing furiously at their laptop. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I don’t believe it has much to do with me. Doesn’t feel great.

If we’re in a meeting together, you are worth my attention. You are more valuable to me than the efficiency I love so much, and I want you to know it.

This post was inspired by Stephanie Dankelson’s recent post on Living in the Present, and the way we approach work and relationships  at Human Design.

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Posted on March 4, 2017

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