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BNG Docklands first Think Tank


Problem of a member – Closing a sale – conversion is very time consuming

Clients do not understand the value of our service

16 gems from the Thinktank taster at Docklands :-

Table 1 

  1. Can you measure cost of acquisition
  2. Systemise can it be simplified 
  3. Do a mockup at no cost
  4. 30k-100k
  5. Web Site

Table 2 

6. Can you quantify the cost and determine whether the process will s in fact viable (what you can measure you can manage 

7.Can you coordinate bringingstakehders together and develop solutions live on whiteboard with them

8. What happens before the proposal is important the fact find – what are the triggers – this is the relationship building and investment is needed (time 

Table 3 

9. Meet face to face with client – proposal and SOA is just a formality 

10. All you need to know – should be done face to face – handle objections becomes easier 
11. Tell us about the value – not the cost – focus on the saving or money you will make if the Value is more than cost – it becomes a no brainer 
12. Breaking down the proposal into bite size chunks – start the job with a $1000 piece of work 
13. Provide a Risk Guarantee – warranty – if something goes wrong 
14. Have the champions  in the business in the meeting and get them to build the proposal with you – get them engaged 

In the room today we had 600 years of experience that were giving the member  lateral solutions – lesson – We can all learn from someone in the room 

BBG seems to create this Collective trust where people feel motivated to help someone else. 


Posted on June 14, 2017

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