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It’s all about building and having long term relationships with people you know like and trust and  and who know like and trust  you . 

Following upon Bill Cates session on how to get more referrals , our June thinktank was  on how to grow your referrals.

We came up with 7 key points 


  1. Follow up on referrals – with referrer and referred (reliability) – say thank you – recognise and reward 
  2. Attitude is key – be positive, passionate and giving (intimacy) – surprise and delight – people will mirror you
  3. Systemise your processes – work your networks (reliability) – nail your pitch (capability)  – have a clear message. Have a clear outcome – clear usp  – have a process of giving regular referrals – ASK for the referral
  4. Be trustworthy – reliable – do what you say  , capable – do it well – be intimate – connect on a personal level and less of self – focus on other person vs yourself. 
  5. Have a spirit of generosity – pay it forward (intimacy and self) – do your homework on people in the room – how can you help them. Give people what they want and you will get what you want
  6. Listen and learn 
  7. Have gratitude – say thank you and mean it (intimacy)


Posted on June 26, 2017

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