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How Kicking Angels Help You and Your Business Grow


You’ve heard of a guardian angel, haven’t you – but what on earth is a kicking angel ?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s an angel that does the job of giving you a swiftie on your rear to get you moving to actually DO the important things you say you are trying to do or going to do for yourself or the business but just don’t ever seem to get around to finally putting them in place  eg like –

  • Formally putting written goals in place
  • Having regular team / management meetings
  • Terminating those unproductive workers who are costing you heaps of money
  • Employing better people to grow your business
  • Developing some new marketing strategies to increase new business enquiries
  • Delegating out all those tasks that you are currently doing that belong to other team members (that you pay) as part of their position
  • Engaging a book keeper to maintain your financial records every month in one tenth the time it presently takes you
  • Updating and improving your website
  • Getting those important written testimonials from happy customers
  • Send out that annual survey form to your valued customers to get their feedback about you / your business performance
  • Arranging a holiday with the family
  • Permanently reducing your weekly working hours to get a healthier work / life balance
  • Committing to a regular weekly exercise program

…….surely you know what I mean, don’t some of these things ring true for you ? 

Basically you have been giving lip service to these things and generally doing diddly-squat about them for some time even though you have AGREED that they are important to get done / be put in place.

Then along comes the ‘kicking angel.’

This kicking angel in the case of Ted and Pam from the Main Town Home Improvement Centre happened to be a Business Builders Group (BBG) of 20 like-minded business owners and leaders – and in the spirit of generosity they promised to help them.

“But here’s what you have to do first,” the Chairperson of the Group said.

“We will assist and guide you for the next 90 days (just like for each of the members of our Group) to ensure that you get in place everything on your list of important outstanding things (as outlined above) and then we’ll develop the next 3 month stage in your business growth plan.

So you know what Ted and Pam did next, don’t you ?

Yes, in 3 months they did everything they had been waffling about for well over 9 months and then they asked for ongoing assistance (as a new member) from the Business Builders Group for the next stage.

What Ted and Pam didn’t realise was that this Business Builders Group wasn’t a guardian angel at all – they were a guiding and kicking angel and they got them moving in the right direction and fast.

And that’s when it dawned on Ted and Pam. A kicking angel isn’t supposed to be there all the time to do the work for them. What they’re there for is to make them ACCOUNTABLE to do the important things that they needed to ACHIEVEgood results for their business (just like every member was doing for each other) – and then give a kick when required.

It took Ted and Pan a little while to realise the role of the kicking angel – one of the main functions was to get them off their butts so they could get the important things done and done well.

The kicking angel is not a guardian angel by a long shot – the key thing is to land that swiftie at the right times.

And the funny thing is that they’ll keep at it, until you listen .- Are you listening ?

So if in any way you and / or your business need guidance, support and assistance from a Kicking Angel to achieve your personal and business goals – please call Business Builders Group (www.bbg.business) – I promise they will be gentle or NOT !

Greg Kay

Executive Director

Business Builders Group Australia

To view my profile and connect with me click here 

Posted on February 24, 2017

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