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Is your LinkedIn profile boring, cold & distant?

Great insights from Karen Tisdell. 
Have you spent time focussing on your profile? Is it personal? Does it say to the reader…. I want to get to know this human better? 

Is your LinkedIn profile boring, cold & distant?

If it’s written in the 3rd person, the answer is yes.

I always advise that LinkedIn profiles should be written in the 1st person. Here’s why:

Your profile is an opportunity for your clients to feel like they are communicating with you every time they see you online. You want your stakeholders to experience what feels like direct access.

You do this by being authentic & direct.

So, do you sound like yourself? Or does your profile read like your secretary is managing your social media presence?

You should be writing in the 1st person, speaking directly, so people can get a sense of who you are & feel connected to you. 

People want to feel special. Noticed. Not ignored. Not sidelined to talking to your secretary.

Trust is the new currency

Be yourself. Let people hear your true voice & you will forge deeper, trusted relationships.

If you’re writing in the 3rd person, you are giving the impression that you think you’re too important to speak to people directly. 

So remember why you’re on LinkedIn. Think of the people you want to engage. Talk to them in your authentic, 1st person voice. 

Don’t appear aloof. Distancing yourself doesn’t impress anyone.

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Posted on May 30, 2019

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