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It’s time to disrupt Networking


The safest way to become an entrepreneur is to first develop a large network of Know Like and Trust relationships, read on…
The fastest way to establish a large exponentially growing network of Know Like and Trust relationships is to learn how to build a network of networking building advocates. This is the difference between traditional one-dimensional networking and two-dimensional network building.
So many articles have been written about the importance of developing a network of Know Like and Trust relationships. 
These articles strongly advise that if you want to secure your employment, gain more business or get ahead generally, then you will need to expand your network.
This is absolutely true! We really do live in a world where it is: Network or No Work

The problem is, the hints and tips given by most of these articles about how to build your network are relatively ineffective and so uncomfortable that they do not appeal to the majority of us.
In fact, many of us cringe at the thought of traditional networking.

Fortunately, there is a much more effective enjoyable way to build your network. We call it: two-dimensional networking building.
A warning in advance: like anything in life, results only come when you take consistent action. Fortunately, the action required to build an exponentially growing two-dimensional network is small and the results are large. 

Nevertheless, the action does need to be consistent.

It is equally important to understand, that professional two-dimensional network building predictably produces exponential personal and business results.
As Albert Einstein said:
“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”
“Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”
“Compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.”

This is equally true of two-dimensional network building.

So how does two-dimensional network building work?

Simply put: You learn how to predictably and systematically build a network of Know Like & Trust network building advocates.
Most importantly the network must be authentically independent – not tightly coupled to any particular industry or profession (for example not a ‘front’ for an MLM)

In other words, the resulting network must be capable of benefiting the endeavours of people from virtually any ethical profession or industry.

Let’s look at some different types of networking:

The most basic form of networking is transactional networking. Here the main intent is to transact with others you meet as soon as possible. In this process you network with others in the hope that you will meet someone who will transact with you or refer/introduce you to people who will transact with you.
If you have at some time engaged in this type of networking (perhaps under pressure from someone who strongly suggested you should), you probably quickly discovered just how uncomfortable and ineffective this process is.
A step up from transactionally focused networking is relationship based networking. This is far more pleasant and effective because you build relationships with others before expecting transactions. This is far more effective and pleasant. However, it is still one-dimensional.

What if instead, you become more deliberate about building a two-dimensional relationship-based network?
Let’s say you started having conversations with a filtered list of potentially suitable people that you may not even know yet (such as people you meet on Linkedin).
Let’s say you invite them to meet with you for a ‘Coffee Alternative’ – a place where (should they decide) they can regularly attend for the purpose of building trusted relationships with you and the others you introduce them to.
Now you can implement the next 3 attributes which are the real magic that makes two-dimensional network building works so well:

(1) The first currency of contribution is proactively inviting others

What if the proposition made to those who see the value of exponential network growth is that they should also proactively invite people to regularly meet them and others they know at a common meeting place?
In other words the most basic currency of contribution is to proactively and continuously invite a ‘filtered’ list of other candidates into the same environment. And repeat this process with new associates who also see that value for all when they introduce people to an expanding Know Like and Trust environment.
Obviously, with this approach, you can start building your network even before you have decided what type of business you want to engage in (a very wise and safe option).
For example, you may be an employee who has the wisdom to build a network before selecting a business that will give you the results you desire. When you eventually do start a business you can do it far more safely because the network you have already built will support you. Also, you can seek advice from others you respect to review your business ideas.

(2) The process of inviting Social Media contacts to meet face to face is made simple, effective and easy to teach others.

What if there was also a documented learning process and a set of tools which made this process desirable, fast, easy and effective?

(3) People engaged in this process proactively and creatively advocate for trusted others engaged in the process

Just imagine being engaged in an ever-expanding group of people who’s strong goal is to bring business to you (whatever business you are in).
Also, because they trust you, they are willing to think of other contacts they can proactively promote you to.
They are prepared to do this because you have demonstrated that you prepared to do the same for them (obviously you developing trust first is of paramount importance).

What is the inevitable result?

Let’s say 100 per year of the people you meet on Linkedin (from a filtered list) make their digital connection ‘live’ by meeting you (and some of your associates) face to face at your weekly ‘Coffee Alternative’.
Very conservatively, let’s say only 5 of those 100 people, understand the potential of what is on offer (and are prepared to commit the small amount of time required to also invite 100 per year). After year 1 you would have: Yourself + 5 = 6 network building advocates.
When that repeats in year 2,3,4 it mathematically becomes 36, 216,1296 network building advocates you have introduced. And what about others in the environment doing the same thing?
Nice mathematical theory (thanks Mr Einstein for your enthusiasm about Compound Interest!).

But how well does it really work in practice?

Answer: Better than you may expect!
Like us you may have a healthy scepticism for claimed exponential growth.
In fact, we are finding those collaborating with us in this manner are achieving far greater results than through their traditional business development/employment methods.

With the technology available today, it’s easy to discover unique new ways to achieve better personal results.


seems to be the current buzzword. And Why Not when technology makes it easy to disrupt so many industries.
How many examples can you think of? Uber, Airbnb, a long list of others?
Surely the ultimate Disruption is building a network of networking building advocates and in the process, discover ideas in need of a network (Network first, Ideas second).
How many great ideas fail because their creators just didn’t have the right connections?
What if when you meet network-poor idea-creators you are able to help them ‘connect the dots’? (our experience is that in many cases they will offer you a ‘clip of the ticket’ for the business you generate for them).
If you are open to the idea of proactively building a network with like-minded others rather than just sporadically, uncomfortably and unpredictably networking, let’s connect!
Over the years we have built a large number of Know Like and Trust relationships and we are always happy to help people who want to get ahead and see the value of proactively collaborating with like-minded people.
Cheers Guy and Mike

Posted on September 24, 2018

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