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JR introducing the BBG Super Forum with Tony Surtees

JR introducing the BBG Super Forum with Tony Surtees

Introducing Tony Surtees and Framing the Knowledge Share

This presentation is about the unique opportunities that have resulted from the current crisis.
Specifically Digital Transformation – realigning and reassessing
This is about being Optimistic about the future

Be optimistic – find the opportunity and ride the wave

Change was going to happen – Covid has just accelerated this change 10X

This is just a part of a cycle – and this is an opportunity for you to be at the forefront of what the changes are going to be.

For Companies, Enterprise and Governments to survive they will need to pivot – enrepreneurs are used to this.

SMEs are going to be key to the economic recovery – and limitation of resources will act as a stimulus to inovation.

Be part of the tailwind – ride the wave

 “don’t waste a good crisis”

Timing and being ready for Change is key 

Timing is key and change is everywhere and ability to be in right time at right place with right value proposition is significant

Changes have been occuring – exponentially  – Moores Law – Thngs are happenning faster and cheaper (storage, processing, bandwidth, 5G – Ubiquitous Connectivity

IOT – 3D Priniting, VR, Blockchain, Machine Learning

Change post COVID 

People resistance to change – Covid had to find the substitute

  • Change in the Covid World
  • People had to change – fast
  • Substitutes being found – eg zoom – complementary technologies worked
  • Substitutes – better than going to work
  • Better cheaper faster –
  • Remote working – increased productivity

This challenge has been creating opportunities

CANVA story

The Investment Framework – Post COvid-19

Pause – Problems – on pause – retail, restaurants, planes, elective surgery – some will go back to level before – some greater – Local travel – will explode

Accelerated Future – Online shopping; VR tools (properties entertainment, banks ), Decentralised organisations ; Food Security – supply chain and agtech

The New Normal – consulting opportunities – businesses needd to transform – need to have fundamentals right – need to meet needs of customers and stakeholders – what are the market opportunities  -redefine market opportunities

Consultants to engage strategically and operationally – help organisations with a transformational opportunity


Tony Surtees – Close

Tony Surtees Think Tank and Q&A

The think tank process

Natalie – The importance of using technology at hand to make your business more efficient so you can focus on nuts and bolts –
“just because you have a telephone in your business – are you in the telecommunication business?”
Business success of Afterpay and Zip – are they in the technology business or banking business?
Bridge gap with a commercial model – applying the imagination to a commercial model – and then use the technology to solve the problem”

The capacity to ask questions and listen to advice – solve the problem and then use the technology is the key to success 

Milind – VR and AI – not much intake why? 
 – barrier to entry that you cant leverage the technology in your hand – hardware cliff to be dealt with
Telemedicine and Education – big implications – there will be massive change using these technologies

“Phoria” – make it easy to code VR content

Les – Impact on Covid-19 working from home and Productivity – whats your view?
– Productivity and government decisionmaking dramatically improved –
– we have had a taste of another type of life – and its been good – remote working – control over working lives – array of technology available at little or no cost – ZOOM –
– Change of productivity – employees happier
– Productivity impact to be examined pre and post

Posted on July 8, 2020

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