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Let’s Dance

Great Advice from a Paul!
If you’ve ever wondered how to get through the doors of buyers you need to talk to? 

Step One: 

Find someone with a key.

 They can open the doors you would take months to get through (if at all) because they already have a trusted relationship with the people you want to talk to. 

Too simple, too good to be true? 

Yes for most people, because many people in business rely on cold calling (strangers talking to strangers), ineffective advertising (they can’t measure) or attending networking events (strangers not listening to strangers) that are nothing more than a social or pitch fest.  

No wonder they become impatient, frustrated, cynical. 

Step Two. 

Focus on closer relationships.

Focus your time on developing meaningful relationships with those people with the key to open the doors you want to walk through. Referral partners. 

Challenge. Most people think that a friendly chat at a networking meeting or even over a coffee is a relationship developed. Wrong. 

It takes time to demonstrate that you are competent, generous, reliable, trustworthy. 

It takes time to get past knowing what someone does to know who they want to connect with and why. Most people don’t get past one meeting. 

The so-called relationship is superficial or maybe purely digital. 

Yesterday I was speaking with Mark Stonham (LinkedIn strategy guy) and we were discussing the challenges we all have connecting with people who are all on different social networking channels. People very distracted, busy, stressed and typing instead of talking. 

Perhaps now is the time to stand back and focus on meaningful face to face referral partnerships. People who already have the key to unlocking the doors to opportunity.

Obvious really. It’s just two-steps that we need to practice if we want to dance. 

Paul Clegg will help you get in front of people who want to buy your stuff, so you spend less time chasing people who don’t. Why can I guarantee that I can introduce you to potential referral partners who already have trusted access to the clients you are trying to reach. Because I’ve been doing it successfully for over 17 years
Posted on October 26, 2018

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