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Niched Content events are the go

Karolin Geike

Point 9 Capital’s Karolin Geike

2017 prediction 

Bigger is not better!

Start-up & Tech events will shift to be way smaller (exclusive), niched and content driven.

While the conferences outgrowing cities with tens of thousands of attendees, dozens of stages, evolving to festival like happenings with trillions of side events will leave attendees looking for insightful and actionable take aways overwhelmed and disappointed we will see an increasing number of specialized meetups.

Attendees will strongly focus on value add, interactive knowledge sharing, qualified networking and an awesome experience before, while and after attending instead of business card bazaars, confusing and overloaded programs with shallow and repetitive content, nonspecific crowds in overrun and hence expensive locations.

Event organisers know their audience and will tie together tailored experiences to meet the growing expectations of an authentic and engaged community.

I also firmly believe in the rise of live streaming and AR/VR as this emphasizes the conscious spending of time and money and will be picture changing in the long run!

Posted on January 16, 2017

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