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Office Evolution ranked #2 franchise in Entrepreneurs 2018

Office evolution is not a workspace with Ping-Pong tables and kombucha on tap, like WeWork and Regus, which tout Silicon Valley.

Office Evolution founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter saw a marketplace of entrepreneurs – many of them professionals that have managed small businesses such as accounting or legal firms, and are already plugged into a more traditional community. Many have known each other for many years – and since 2012 have opened more than 50 locations – each of which has its finger on the pulse of what its particular community needs.

BBG www.bbg.business provides these firms an opportunity to collaborate learn and grow with each other through a process enabling members to build know like and trust with each other. As CEO Geoff Hirsh says “if I sit with you for 3 hours a month with a mindset of “ how can I help you” what’s the chances of us doing business together ?”


Ps feel free to download my business card https://members.referron.com/bsivc

Posted on December 12, 2018

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