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Phase 2 of BBG in action – Growth Acceleration Programme and Dip Biz

Hey Ivan and Scott,


1.       Thank you for inviting me to the bsi Learning “Develop and use emotional intelligence” workshop.


2.       I found the 4 hour workshop very good.


3.       What is the one thing that I can implement?


a.       The most important thing that I will consciously implement is that “by pausing for just a single second in ALL circumstances to understand the consequences of my body language, words and actions will have a massively disproportionate positive benefit for our business and me personally”.

4.       What did I think of Scott Henderson?

a.       Scott is obviously a passionate, practical expert on the subject matter from academic, practitioner and facilitating perspective.

b.      To take me as a total novice to having a very good understanding of emotional intelligence in a 4 hour workshop takes a huge amount of skill – which Scott achieved.

c.       Scott kept my interest and attention for the whole time – the 4 hours flew past.


5.       What was the highlight?

a.       This confirms the Buddhist saying “we more often need to be reminded than instructed”

                                                               i.      As a senior business owner and executive, putting aside 4 hours per month, is such a great investment of my time to keep sharp on a diverse range of business topics.


6.       Why have I signed up for the BSI Diploma of Business.

a.       Investing a small ½ day per month over the next 8 months to take away fantastic applicable expertise and be reminded of the right way to do things across multiple business disciplines is a no brainer.


Thanks Ivan & Scott

Posted on March 23, 2018

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