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Rana Kordahi shares her feedback on the BBg CBD forum

Today I walked out of a 3 hour breakfast business forum with BBG International buzzing and full of ideas.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. And at times you can lose focus. 

Other times,  you could even get set in your unproductive ways. 

So being around like-minded people who are on a similar mission is vital. 

But what’s even better, is meeting face to face with the same people each month, who will advise you, educate you, refer you and collaborate with you. 

I’ve been a member for just a week and have already had 7 referrals. 

Thank you Daniel Murray on an amazing session on empathetic leadership. 

Thank you Hassan Pharaon, Peter Mayne and Marco Lam for accepting my invitation to attend the forum. 

Anyone that wakes up at 5.30 am to attend a business breakfast is dedicated to their development. 

And a huge thank you to Ivan Kaye for being a great role model in how growing successful companies like BBG International and BSI Group of Companies can be done. If anyone is a guru on business, it’s you. Although you’re too humble to even admit that. 

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Posted on August 9, 2019

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