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Say g’day the safe way – BBG Backup plan

Dear BBG Members and Guests,

BBG is very concerned for your health and safety and is monitoring the spread of the corona virus in Australia and New Zealand very carefully.

To this end we have made some changes to our catering arrangements and encourage anyone who is feeling unwell to stay away out of concern for the group.

Should it prove necessary, we have put arrangements in place to switch from physical gatherings to online zoom meetings at short notice.

Whilst these zoom meetings will not offer the same inter-personal connection as a physical meeting, they will enable us to offer a few things that a physical meeting cannot provide, including:

  • Combining several chapters from diverse locations to give you the opportunity to meet and interact with your interstate and international BBG colleagues
  • Recording our guest speaker presentations so you have a permanent record of their content
  • Introducing a couple of other technology-based tricks that cannot be replicated in a physical meeting.

In short, we stand ready to implement Plan B at short notice if it becomes necessary and thank you all in advance for your understanding and support.

Stay safe and kind regards,

Geoff and Ivan 

Posted on March 13, 2020

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