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So what is a mentor?

Brian Schulman nails what a mentor is – after Ahmad Imam Expresses gratitude for his. 

It so important to have one – or a few!! 

1) “A mentor is someone that sees more potential in you than you see in yourself. And then helps you realize that potential.”

#VoiceYourVibe❤️ Ahmad.

2) “Mentorship is truly a beautiful experience, especially when your mentee inspires you just as much as you inspire him.” – Daymond John

3) Marshall Goldsmith said it perfectly:

“Mentoring is an honor. Except for love, there is no greater gift other than the gift of growth.”

4) We do not get to where we are in life or business alone. Remember who has helped you. Honor them. And do so by sending the ladder down and helping others. 

5) Mentoring is one of the most incredible honors to be a part of. To see something in someone else, when they don’t see it in themselves – that moment when they DO see it in themselves – they look like they can fly – there’s nothing like it, my friend. It is a true partnership and growth happens, together. 

The teacher teaches the student. 

The student teaches the teacher.

And then, the student becomes a teacher, a mentor, to others, sending the ladder down to those that need help. 

And that is when you know an #impact has been made.

Proud moments. Proud moments.

#inspiration #motivation

Posted on March 5, 2020

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