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Some best practices for staying on the LinkedIn newsfeed

Although my friend Rana doesn’t profess to be a LinkedIn guru – she really is!! 
Her sweet spot is to help non sales people sell – and she does it really well! 
Here are her tips on how to have your article stay in the newsfeed …….
 It’s not about the amount of people that see you or your content, but the amount of right people.

However, for the right people to see your content, (your targeted 1st level connections ) THE POST NEEDS TO STAY IN THE FEED 

So – be targeted – the more targeted you are, the more likely your target market will see your content if it does well in the first hour of posting.

Tip 1 

Be very clear who your Target Market is 

What you need to do 

If you can get at least 5 to 10 likes within the first hour, you may stay in the feed of your 1st level connections to see it for at least 24 hours or longer.

The aim is not about going viral, but more about how to stay in the feed, and convert the attention into business through taking the attention off-line – and using the attention to build social proof.

Tip 2

So your post needs to be distributed asap as soon as you post. 

4 ways to distribute

  1. BBG groups or Closed networks 
  2. #Tagspecificpeopleinthecomment
  3. Sending the link to specific individuals through PM or InMail and asking them to support
  4. Do an email campaign – sharing the feed !! 

Some people do all of the above.

Tip 3

Stay consistent your will get more reach.

Post in the  am between 8 am to 10 am and in the PM anywhere between 6 pm and 10 pm

Tip 4 

Types of Posts that do well

Here are some examples of the type of posts that do well.

• Long form text that is spaced out (with a few hashtags) 

• Native video. 60 to 90 seconds. Although if you must have a longer video, under 4 minutes is best. 

• A photo with some text 

NATIVE posts do best

Tip 5

What the LinkedIn algorithm does not like and posts that do not do well

  • Sharing other people’s content – even if it’s from LinkedIn – (I do this 🙁 ) but I do make a comment that expresses your point of view.  
  • External links like YouTube, websites etc – 

Tip 6 

Get your Profile and Content Creation Right 

Your profile is your shop front – make it awesome, authentic and relevant 

Here is a great article by Karen Tisdell (understanding the LinkedIn algorithm) if you would like to learn more about how to create a great profile and LinkedIn content creation.


Posted on May 19, 2020

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