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The #1 Marketing thing to do in 2017

When a prospect is
referred to us, we get a “trust transference” – I klt bob, bob says jane is
good…. I will then likely klt jane. And give her a go.
When there is a
referral from a trusted source…. There is a type of magic that makes your
business boom and will take you to another level. WE are looking forward TO THIS
An example…  I have known SARAH for 8 years and have
helped her with her business. One of the areas we have assisted is in accessing
export grants for Australian Businesses…. Whereby a business can potentially
get 50c in the $ for every marketing $ that is spent. SO if an Australian
business spends $50,000 on an eligible marketing activity – they can get back
$25k … if they spend $300k they can potentially get back $150k 
Her business is to
take Australian designers to the USA and find agents and customers for them. As
part of her service, she refers the designers to us, so we can maximise their
grants, and therefore minimise their risks.
A win for SARAH a win
for her client and a win for BSI 
Sonya knows likes and trusts us, and the
knows likes and trustsSarah – Sarah refers designer to us… Designer KLTs us….
One of the key non –
negotiables… is that we provide a professional service with a WOW factor, and
do what it takes to maximise the grant for the client and make the process as
painless as possible.
The #1 thing that I
recommend you do in 2017, s to develop your referral relationships…
Proactively plan to
identify, communicate with and seek to uncover business opportunities with
people who can provide you with referral business.
your referral partners – and get them to join your BBG Chapter
monthly – by coming to the BBG Forum (meeting and identifying opportunities for
3 hours per month) . BE sure to call them and correspond with them , so that
you are top of mind
THINK ABOUT REFERRAL OPPORTUNITIES … who can you refer them to …
Track ,
Measure and reward your referrals
Referron and update your profile
Make the
time to refer and ask for referrals
Follow up
the referrals made
Provide an
awesome service
If there is one
activity that you will do to help your business grow…

Focus on referrals.

Posted on January 6, 2017

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