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The Great Reset Post Covid

There needs to be a new way 

…. how often have you heard this….

 “but my firm is so conservative. They just won’t change. We do what everyone else does in the industry”. 

It’s time to find a step-change in your business’s performance – to help your business reach its competitive potential. And this is a perfect time for you to get this happenning.

Each of our business’s have  agreed to retain consultant(s) , mentor(s) and coach(s) to create a path and develope strategies to grow to 2025.

At our last BBG forum we had Tony Surtees present “the Great Reset” – he suggested that 

this is a perfect time for consultants to be helping businesses who have the opportunity to scaleup and take advantage of opportunities that will present itself post Covid-19.

Scaleups have a perfect opportunity to ask the relevant questions – with a view to plan the next 5 years (which, in my view has massive growth potential for those that are riding the wave of businesses that can grow using the technologies available. )

  • What’s your point of difference ?
  • Is it your purpose?
  • What’s driving your business forward?
  • What is your niche?
  • What does your business look like in 2025? 
  • Do you  want the brightest and the best knocking at the door wanting to work for you?

  • What does your competition look like at the moment …. in the professional service field ….

When it comes to the big firms ….. The culture in the industry are 

  • process-driven, 
  • risk-averse, 
  • uncaring when it comes to junior staff, 
  • and highly competitive within the firm. 
  • It’s a fairly cut-throat culture.

Where are you now?

  • how many people in your team ?
  • Annual employee turnover?
  • How many customers – who are your current customers ?
  • Who is your ideal customer ?
  • Average revenue per customer ?

  • Have you got an advisory board?
  • Have you got a coach?
  • Have you got people who you can share your ideas with?
  • Do you belong to a BBG Forum?

Many businesses I talk to tell me that 2020 is a “write off”. They’re laying off staff, freezing new hires, halting training, and cancelling advertising among many other cost-saving manoeuvres. 

  • In this environment – what should you be doing?

  • What are the trendsetters doing both inside and outside your industry?

Things will pick up – and quickly – will you be in a position to be the number one or two in your niche?

As Anthony Surtees said at our BBG Forum last week 

“be optimistic and opportunistic – never waste a good crisis”

Inspired by an article by – Graham Kenny

Regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review

You can connect to or follow him on LinkedIn.

And our BBG Forum with Tony Surtees on the great reset .

Posted on July 10, 2020

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