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The MBA is being disrupted

Robert Bolton of the Fin Review writes about how MBAs are being disrupted.

The way MBAs are run at universities need to change and need to change fast says Pete Nash – former KPMG chair.

What are the kpis that measure the success of the programme ?

things like 

  • employer feedback, 
  • engagement in course design, 
  • measures of employability and 
  • engagement with students. 
  • Collaboration
  • Building of Networks 

A frequent complaint from people in mid career is that getting a qualification means stepping away from their jobs for 12 months – which is unacceptable given the pace of company development and career promotions.

If you’re out of an organisation for 12 months your relevance can diminish. 

“Learning needs to be more flexible, study that can be done in shorter bursts, that suit the student’s time frame, with learning that takes place in the workplace, combining academic learning and actual experience,” Mr Nash said.

Students don’t like learning that is online-only. “human interaction and human connection is key and Online is an adjunct.”

Melbourne Business School, professor Ian Harper, board member at the Reserve Bank and formerly at Deloitte Access Economics, already has strong opinions about it.

“Traditional business teaching, including MBAs, have an appeal owing to personal connection, peer engagement, collaboration , building relationships – being part of a brand.

The student is being challenged by someone who is brighter than them. They want to surround themselves with people who are the best and the brightest minds.”

He agrees that the traditional two-year MBA is dead. Melbourne Business School has already scaled it back to a one-year degree.

One reason there’s so much demand for executive education is because business is changing so rapidly. 

We are really excited about BBG’s Business Acceleration Programme which has been mapped to BSI Learning’s Accreditted Diploma of Business . It’s about collaboration, learning and building effective networks and advocates. We believe that this will be a blueprint for future business courses 


Posted on March 21, 2018

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