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The Power of BBG and the concept of KLT

Ivan and Geoff

Already this week from my group I have had two group members reach out and start to explore how we can add value to each other’s enterprise.

I suspect the runway to “know like and trust” is exceedingly short because of the work you are doing to set up appropriate affinity groups with complementary members.

That means that at the end of week 1 I am challenged by the need to respond to the opportunity to engage in collaborative enterprise building presented by BBG.

This means I have now to think about how shared value is created between these enterprises and customers.

Achieving clarity in purpose and d exposition of story is a passing achievement that necessarily occur.

Building shared value to dominate a market across multiple enterprises, now that is an idea that excites me.

Am I wandering too far from the current path with this thinking?

Best wishes,

Hi Michael,

Isn’t it exciting to see a plan come to fruition?

I am thrilled to learn that this level of collaboration is happening after just one short Training and Induction meeting.

Your thinking is not wandering from the path at all … just three steps down the path from where we anticipated you would be at this point in time.

To explain, we intend to progressively educate BBG members on generating six types of referrals, as follows:

  1. Direct: Self referral
  2. Unprompted: Requested referral
  3. Prompted: Suggested referral
  4. Derived: Second tier referral
  5. Created: Create need, then refer
  6. Orchestrated: Identify opportunity, create solution, create need, then refer

You are already talking about level six – which is fantastic … if a little premature.

By all means start thinking about orchestration, but do give us a chance to catch up with you.

On a separate note, I would be very happy to help find Megan and Matthew a suitable home within BBG.

Please ask them to contact me directly to discuss.

Kind regards,


Posted on May 19, 2016

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