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The Power of BBG

Great post by Toni Fitzgerald 

I remember when I first started working.   Anything my boss asked me  “could I do xx’  I always enthusiastically said ‘yes!’   Even if I didn’t have the foggiest clue what he was even talking about.  My first task simply became ringing around my friends and colleagues looking for help, from someone who did know.    Often, none of my inner circle could help, but were more than happy to introduce me to a friend, or friend of a friend, and voila… I could get the task done.

It was experiences like this over those first working years that taught me the power of networking and collaborating and of having a group of people willing to help out, without them needing to line their own pockets.

Being a part of Business Builders Group (BBG) from the very beginning, I have seen this in action again and again.  And the absolute highlight for me has been in extending the tentacles of a network across international borders.

Recently a Sydney based friend of mine needed to make a high profile connection in Singapore… and just did not have a starting point.  He was arriving in town with a vague plan.  I looked on the BBG website and found, yes, there was already a chapter established in that country!  

Using Referron, I referred my friend to the  leader of that chapter Mr Allen Pathmarajah, who helped him connect with the right people. The problem was solved, and a strong appropriate friend and business connection was established.

“The gentleman I met through BBG is just the perfect connection, he has a wealth of experience and an entirely appropriate background to guide and further  assist and connect me”   I was told upon my friend’s return to Sydney.

Posted on August 13, 2018

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