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As technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning  relentlessly drives change, and potentially threaten our livelihoods and jobs – experts are telling us that opportunities are presenting themselves more and more to those that have the strongest advocates, relationships and networks.

Employees are more valuable to employers and have better career options if they have strong relationships and networks. 

Those that are in the gig economy survive and thrive based on the power of their relationships, advocates and networks.

Successful business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors have always known that that quality clients and long term profitability come through referrals. 

They are feeling the effects of faster, dynamic changes to technology and want bigger, stronger networks that drive referrals and profitability. 

Powerful solid networks of advocates that you know like and trust will underwrite your stability and success and is key to avoid becoming just another statistic.

The world is telling us to build our network – but how? 

We are all time poor and traditional, one-dimensional networking (the old “let’s meet over coffee!”) requires a lot of effort and for very little result. So what’s the solution?


Switch from Networking to Relationship Building!

Technology and social media have created the ultimate networking combination; – however the  human touch and  for face to face engagement is the key to creating the ultimate network.

Join us for breakfast at bbg (www.bbg.business) to see how we role.

Developing relationships and advocate takes time. 

It takes time to get to know, like and trust each other. When that happens  – collaboration referrals and advocacy will happen – in abundance! 

What would change if you had a (very) large network of people, advocating for you only a few years from now?

Tired of coffee meetings?

If instead of lots of coffee meetings you choose to grow your new and existing relationships around a ‘hub’; a monthly forum, interesting  mastermind lunches and gala events , attended by a community of other, like-minded people individuals who all have a focus of helping you grow your business with a spirit of generosity ?

Then you could get to know the people you have invited and over time introduce them to other connections in your network, who you might have also met at the ‘hub’. 

You then become the centre (the ‘hub’) of your relationships; meeting people you believe would be worthwhile adding to your growing network and enabling connection s and introductions. All independently of anyone else who is attending.

What could come from being the ‘Hub’ of your own network?

Through the connection of their own strategic partnerships, many corporates and large businesses are creating their own ‘hubs’ to add more value and stay relevant to their clients and customers. This strategy is a multiplier for results because a larger network creates the opportunity for more leverage and opportunities through the demonstration of adding value; not just saying ‘we do a better job for our clients’ (shouldn’t you be doing a better job anyway?). 

By leveraging your time and energy using hubs and events facilitated by BBG, you can collaborate and create your own ‘hub’ connecting and creating opportunities within your network of alliance partners and advocates.

As your network multiplies, so do your opportunities…You have found and created aligned relationships that give you access to 100’s, if not 1000’s of relationships. What could you achieve if you were the “hub” of that sized network?

We will help you create this.

BBG is about meeting with a group of like minded people – where they connect, collaborate, learn and grow using forums, mastermind lunches and gala dinners .

So if you build a network of advocates, will they refer opportunities to you?

Absolutely! When the culture of generosity and  advocacy is right – magic happens

If people know like and trust you, and you meet with them regularly – to stay front of mind – they will refer you. 

Based on the BBG culture of Generosity, they will want to help you grow.

Posted on August 20, 2018

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