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The the best kind of business is repeat business and the best promotionalways comes from someone else.

Remember shopping with your grandmother?  Remember that corner store she used to go buy everything she needed from and everyone knew everyone else?  That corner store didn’t need to advertise, did it?
In today’s “connected” world, everyone seems to know everyone else, too.  Just like your grandmother’s corner store.  The big difference is that it is much easier today to get new customers than it was back then.  It’s also a lot easier to lose them, too.  In our current economy, word of mouth can make or break you. 
The best kind of business is repeat business and the best promotion always comes from someone else. 
It’s not with a sophisticated loyalty plan or some clever referral program that you will get an army of loyal customers or followers.  Even though our world has changed in terms of reach and access, the way we think of service hasn’t changed much at all. 
Use the same manners and principles your grandparents used to grow their businesses into today’s current economy and you too won’t need to advertise much at all.   
Posted on July 1, 2013

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