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There is nothing to beat nurturing relationships to create KLT

In a world where technology is quickly depersonalising the business world, one company knows that personal trust is still the best way to grow enterprise and industry alike.


As business becomes more automated, robotised and disrupted are we facing the possibility that it

could become depopulated?

Not if Toni Fitzgerald has anything to do with it.

She’s the keynote speaker, award-winning writer and business consultant who specialises in helping CEOs of small and medium businesses gain the opportunity to grow through developing their own personal brand and extending the reach and influence of their personal contacts.

Toni is adamant that personal communication will always be a critical factor in business best practice and that’s why she became a founding member of Business Builders Group.

The BBG model is essentially about bringing CEOs of SMEs together in an environment that provides solutions to the perennial challenge of how to grow their business.

There is arguably no lonelier job in the world than that of a CEO who can’t meet corporate growth objectives. CEOs in big companies have the internal expertise to call upon for help but arguably the best source of support for those running SMEs is BBG.

BBG’s primary focus is on encouraging a mindset of Know Like and Trust between members and making it a catalyst for business growth opportunities through an exchange of business referrals.

However, by no means does that comprise the full extent of member benefits.

BBG provides in addition an environment where CEOs communicate personally with their peers to exchange the business intelligence, ideas and insights that help them stay in touch. There are also presentations from experts in business disciplines and personal contact between members is increasingly leading to initiatives such as alliances tailor-made to securing new business opportunities.

Also on The Big Smoke

Toni is creating a range of products and tools exclusively for BBG members.

They will be designed to help CEOs become famous in their market categories, equipping them with an image and authority that facilitates development of a personal contact network with profitable prospects.

Toni’s turnover has increased by $45,000 through personal referrals from other BBG members and her referrals on their behalf have produced a similar result. The sort of Know Like and Trust that generates lucrative business referrals doesn’t happen overnight but when it does, Toni bears testimony to its potential as a powerful business-building force.

The clear message both from Toni and BBG is that no matter how technologically advanced a company is it will never reach full potential without the benefits of effective personal contact at top management levels. That can never be replaced by the Internet.

BBG holds special functions like Mastermind Lunches and Gala Events that afford members the opportunity to bring along clients and prospects to reinforce personal relationships.

Regular meetings of BBG chapters are scheduled for early in the day in order to minimise the demand on member work-time and membership fees are set at levels which guarantee they become a profitable business investment.

BBG members comprise solicitors, accountants, physiotherapists, manufacturers, travel agents, financial planners, business consultants like Toni and many more.

The best way to take a closer look at BBG is to attend one of their forums or regular meetings as a guest free of charge. If you are located in Australia phone Geoff Hirsh on 0411 681 122 or in Singapore phone Susan Seah on 65 6339 8505. They will advise about membership availability in your local chapters and the best opportunity to join a team with the potential to grow your business.

You’ll find BBG offers a unique opportunity to grow by staying in touch.

Posted on December 14, 2017

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