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Thinktank on Continuous Improvement

At the recent October monthly meeting for BBG’s Sydney Eastern Suburbs Chapter a diverse and experienced group of professionals worked on a range of topics around increasing business success through branding and digital marketing exercises.  

As part of the session, we had a Think Tank knowledge share breakout where we discussed related matters around “what is going well?” and “what needs to be improved?” in our collective businesses.  

In my 40 years experience of hiring and working with “A” players, my maxim has been that they always know what they do well and what the resulting impact to the business has been.  In equal parts, they also acknowledge mistakes or areas for improvement.  This group verified that maxim.  They quickly produced a revealing and salient list of positives and “kaizen” points.

The ideas revealed the imperatives of customer focus and service delivery as being paramount.  A part of this is the enablement and support of staff through training and marketing communications.  

It was a useful exercise to learn from each other and engender trust in a breakout group of professionals put together for a short session.

Here are the two lists.

Current Successes
  • Speed and accuracy of responding to customer requests
  • System and rules based processes
  • Strategy with objective and measurable outcomes
  • Track record
  • Ease of doing business
  • Flexible business model
  • “Can Do” attitude
  • Go anywhere attitude – “.com” compared with .com.au and no fixed address
  • Niche market clearly defined
  • Holding inventory to speed response
Kaizen Points
  • Training for all staff
  • Constant marketing
  • Meaningful, value-add “Invitation only” customer events
  • Value proposition – re-visit and reset
  • Messaging: Advertising, Marketing, Internal communication
  • Personal Motivation for business growth
  • Consistency of delivery
Craig Saphin
Managing Director



Australia . Singapore . Japan  

Posted on October 10, 2018

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