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Vaibhav’s 5 tips on speaking in front of a crowd:-

Vaibhav Namburi is going places – I had a meeting with him about referron and BBG and was blown away with his knowledge and his willingness to add value. When I asked him how old he was – he has not yet turned 30.

He is a dude to watch – and if you are an investor – to back. I look forward to have him share his story at one of our forums 

Vaibhav says  “Well today marks 3 years since I first jumped in front of a crowd and “spoke” since then I’ve done nearly a hundred if not more events. These span from 20 people to 600 people (if not more) in a conference room. As one would expect I’ve had great events and not-so-great events. “

## 1. Do your research 

Research the background of people in the room – interact with them online before the event 

Gauge the skill level and interests of your audience so you know how deep you can go. You should ideally do this before accepting the invite, 

Keep the content relatable, human and palpable. 

Attention is more easily drawn to familiarity as to alien topics, share common pain points (a simple twitter search will help you)- in short, 

Focus on building a relationship with your audience 

## 2. Weave your content into a narrative a tell a story 

The really good talks I’ve seen always create a story that build up like a theme song and finally do a big reveal towards the end. 

Walk your audience through a journey of intent, cause, action and outcome.

This helps you re-think how you breakdown the approach to the presentation.

## 3. Have a goal, find out what your audience wants to achieve (what’s your BAMFAM- “book a meeting from a meeting”) 

The talk needs to have This is extremely important because an aimless talk leaves everyone unhappy or confused. This bit you need to understand when you’re invited for the talk itself.

ask the organiser –  “What is the goal of the talk, what do you want people to walk away with” – this challenges them to really breakdown the outcome they want their audience to get.

## 4. Interact as much as you can, as often as you can

Make sure you interact with the crowd and talk to them – and let them talk to you

This can be as simple as asking them to raise their hands if something matches certain criteria.

Ask the audience to provide their version of a problem you’re explaining, this can go two ways. Be able to roll with the answer .

People want to be engaged 

## 5. Keep it relevant, share frustrations

  • Relate to the audience 
  • Be authentic 
  • Share a story, excite an audience and convince them your approach is awesome or worth noting.
  • With that said, really hone in on the problem and more importantly the frustrations. People are drawn more to negative emotion than a positive one.
  • Keep the content very snippet-y and biteable (digestible content)

And of course – Have fun 

Posted on July 20, 2019

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