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What does working in a team based on trust mean to you?

how do you build trust in your team?

Great article by Rose Davidson from the Business Business Business Group – www.doesbiz.com 05 January 2019 
Trust is essential to an effective team, because it provides a sense of safety. When your team members feel safe with each other, they feel comfortable to open up, take appropriate risks, and expose vulnerabilities. 
Without trust there’s less innovation, collaboration, creative thinking, and productivity, and people spend their time protecting themselves and their interests – this is time that should be spent helping the group attain its goals. 
  • Lead by example 
  • Communicate openly 
  • Know each other personally 
  • Don’t place blame when things go wrong 
  • Discourage cliques 
  • Discuss trust issues 
Here are 6 ways that leaders at all levels can build trust by aligning actions with words: 
  • 1. Recognise that building trust takes hard work. Trust must be earned. … 
  • 2. Be honest and supportive. … 
  • 3. Commit to follow through. … 
  • 4. Be consistent. … 
  • 5. Model the behaviour you seek. … 
  • 6. Build in accountability. 
Build Trust with Your Employees 
  • 1. Trust them and they’ll trust you. 
  • 2. Treat them with respect. 
  • 3. Tell them what you’re after and what to expect. 
  • 4. Learn about their jobs so you have credibility. 
  • 5. Truly listen and respond thoughtfully. 
  • 6. Remember, your relationship with your co-workers and employees is a win/win. 

Building Trust Virtually  http://www.crowe-associates.co.uk/ 

If you manage a virtual team , then you might be working with a group of people who have never met face to face, or who have never spoken to one another personally. So, how can you build trust between people who are hundreds – if not thousands – of miles apart? 

You can apply some of the advice above when you’re working with a virtual team. Schedule a virtual “meet and greet” if it’s a new team, to help everyone get to know one another as individuals. Or, create a web page for your team’s project, and ask everyone to write a paragraph or two about their personal history and interests. 
team charter is still important for defining the goals and expectations of the team. … Keeping your promises is incredibly important in a virtual team, because your word is often all you can give. Positive follow-through builds trust quickly and can raise the entire group’s tone and expectations.  

From Roger Dowsett 
You need to build a team before you can build any trust, I always found the easiest way to build a team (believe it or not) was I always bought a BBQ. I then would put a BBQ on for lunch, and found that standing around on the tongs was a good starting point, over the years I saw a lot of company’s (and I  managed 20 of various sizes from 10 to 200 staff) spends 100 of thousands of dollars on team building bs that made short term team changes, but put a BBQ on and things start to change, when I was a manager I always loved taking over disengaged dis functional teams..
From Uwe Jacobs 
Very simple; be authentic, do what you say-say what you do
From Rhonda Jane 
 I built this childcare centre from nothing and I was a single mum desperate to succeed in a mans world at the time. 
Any way I decided to sell as i was approached by a large company which I did sell. I had the same staff for 6 years and they all contributed the success of what we all created and i did a lot of to and fro on the contracts making sure their jobs were secure. 
The issue is that as I am a nice honest person I believed companies were and sadly the wages were cut to base wage within a week of takeover and all my staff walked away from a job they loved. I guess what I am saying is I strongly believe that my willingness to learn from them just as they were learning from me created trust and belief in each other. 
This  is all team building and the trust we should have in our fellow workers. In my company now I have a saying :we need each other to grow and succeed” and 2 years in I have the same staff that love coming to work. Anyway hope this all helps to what you are talking about. 
Our team building was events such as short day courses, we took “get to know” trips on a river cruise. meet our family days, onsite education and so on. 
Meet our family was something I loved as many of them thought as an owner I was wealthy and had a life they could only dream of which was so not true and when they met my children (all 5 at the time) they realised that I was just another person with dreams like them. I had a mentally disabled son and when they met him they really understood my drive which was not just about me but others that depended on me.  
Anyway sorry for the long spill but thought this may give insight and help to you

Posted on January 5, 2019

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