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What is the BEST Way to Start a Speech⁉️?

Great post by the legendary Bobby Umar


Every good speaker has their style ??

We also want & need to be unique for our audience

One of the hardest things for any speaker journey is to figure out how to start & how to end a good speech

Over the years I’ve learned many different tactics that work

Imagine you’re on stage or in front of an audience..

What do you do to get their attention, to get them to invest in you?

There are many options:

❇️ QUESTIONS: Start with a compelling question (often seen in TED Talks) ?

❇️ GRATITUDE: Focus on thanking, being grateful & share why ?

❇️ MUSIC/IMAGE/VIDEO: Something to grab their attention ?

❇️ STORY: An opening story is often the best way ?

Anything else⁉️?

I’d love to hear your thoughts so COMMENT below ???

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Great comments from interesting people:-

Isaac Mostcovitz
Nail your open and close. If needed, write the sentences down. The rest of the speech is less important. You can improvise if needed. 

Never start with a video or something similar. It distracts.

Ross Simmonds

Start with a story

Show your passion and have energy

Nick Gibson

Ask a question – engage the audience

Kimberley S

Fast forward to the climax of the story /\ then start at the beginning so they understand how we got to the climax. 

Ivan Kaye

Get to know your audience – engage them 

Aditya Mukherdjee

A video with an energising song 

Furan Qureshi

Verb it. Shock, Surprise, Challenge (keep a few chocolate bars as reward), Question then walk around the audience with a mike, Humour (make sure it’s related to the topic or something current),  Play a video, Make them Sketch you, Start talking from a space that they can’t see you and walk up to the stage/podium while talking, and if you like try this one – come on stage walk up and down without speaking a word without eye contact for 5 seconds, then very softly and humbly ask everyone to make a wish and pray for it. The last one has usually feedback as ‘that was so relaxing, that was a great start, guess what-my wish came true ……

Izzy Mamnoon

Be authentic, vulnerable and relevant – use your body – project your energy 

Speak slowly and clearly –

Vishnu Chinta

A story about childhood in a more insightful and most common way, where everyone in the audience relate to, can get audience’s interest in to your speech!

C Jos

Smile: Just a warm hearted smile and be grateful  saying that how thankful it is to see the respected audience there (even if only 2 are present)… 

Amit Jain

 I often keep asking questions to the audience to keep them engaged during my training sessions…usually works well!!

Fared a Zaeimfar

Start strong and share a relevant story – to the point – people want to be engaged !

Dave Rosenberg

Understand what you want to achieve – share 

I like to start with something “disrruptive/interruptive.” 

Every attendee has a potentially different outcome.  You must bring everyone in the audience to the same place .  Once there, you have their full attention!

Nancy Narang

Start with some alarming statistic or fact. Gets ppl attention maybe?!  ?

Michael Page

Start with a simple compelling story:  “It was…<date, time, place>…”

End by circling back to the simple compelling story: “Like the story of the <story topic>, we are…”

Start and end in a same place with substantial and compelling content in between.

Posted on November 8, 2018

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