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7 keys to getting rich – slowly

Anthony Keane shares in the Sunday Mail on Aug 28 2023 the 7 keys to getting rich – slowly! 

  1. Become an Investor – invest in real estate, property, your own business . Begin early – as time and compound interest is a magic source in wealth creation 
  2. Leverage your investment with good tax effective  debt – use other peoples money – where the interest you pay will be covered by the income earned from your investments and tax deductions – (make sure you have a great accountant, financial and mortgage broker who work together to maximise your opportunity 
  3. Buy Property – it tends to double every 10-15 years – and easy to borrow against it at lowest interest rates 
  4. Buy a business/businesses that you understand – most billionaires started with a business idea that worked – after many had failed before striking gold 
  5. Diversify into other assets 
  6. Seek passive income – where you earn income without having to work –  such as dividends or rents 
  7. Plan – write down your plan – and monitor your progress Don a regular basis 

The IK formula  steps simplified 

Make sure that more money comes in than goes out on a monthly basis – and with that surplus 

Buy low , Sell high with other peoples money – and do it regularly. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail until you succeed !  

Posted on August 28, 2022

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