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A great model – Invest in People

How do you invest in the future sweat and ingenuity of a young entrepreneur?

Imagine being able to  back a future “superstar”early in their careers in return for a percentage of future earnings?

Currently, old people with large balance sheets have the power and the money – how can this be transferred to the young – for a great ROI

The model 

Sam Lessin’s Slow Ventures is looking to back stars – giving them a balance sheet to leverage their skillsets to become superstars ! 

In return for an investment, you get a percentage of all of the money the  star makes annually for 50 years and a percentage of the  IP and property that is created or invested in .

Similar  to the VC model…. Backers will take a portfolio approach where  the superstars will carry the cost of capital for everyone.

I suppose it’s like an investor backing a “fund” vs a “project” 

The stars that are investable will be

  1. Those that have a clear vision, mission and plan 
  2. Those that have the  CD ability to communicate that plan 
  3. Those that ate passionate about their success
  4. Those that are trustworthy 

Issues to work out

  • How to you value a stars ⭐️ future income?
  • How can you enforce the payment ?
  • Can the investment be done with blockchain?

What do you think of the concept ? 

Posted on November 16, 2021

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