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Female founders raising funds

Thanks Simmie Swil and Nathan Beckford https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nathanbeckord_venturecapital-founders-startups-activity-6980954525826252800-WLSu?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios
In 2021, investments in companies founded by women reached over $30 B for the first time. (VatorNews)
But while that may seem like good news, consider this: Female founders secured only 2% of venture capital in the U.S. in 2021, the smallest share since 2016. (Bloomberg)
That’s why I wanted to share this list of VC firms investing in women founders.
They include:
🔹 The 22 Fund, which invests in tech-based manufacturing companies and intentionally seeks out women and BIPOC-led firms to deliver both high ROI and social/economic impact
🔹 The Artemis Fund, which leads seed rounds for female tech founders modernizing and diversifying wealth
🔹 Coyote Ventures, which focuses on early-stage companies focused on women’s health and wellness (and a favorite Foundersuite customer 🙂
🔹 The Fearless Fund, which provides pre-seed, seed, and Series A financing to startups led by women of color
…and many more!
Interested in seeing the full resource?
Just drop a comment below and I’ll pass it along ASAP. 👇
Please send a connection request if we are not already connected to get the resource. 📩
Nathan Beckord – I help startups raise capital through software, content, and processes
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Sources: VatorNews, BetaBoom, Sifted
Posted on November 20, 2022

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