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AI – our new body parts – and the essence of humanity

  • Cars trains Planes
  • Phone 
  • Tv
  • Glasses
  • Computers Hardware /software 
  • The Web – collecting knowledge  and Social Media – connecting with each other  (AORTA- Always-On-Real-Time Access)
  • Ai and  Chatgpt (Generative AI—just beginning). 

All of the above is what Mark Prensky calls “our new body parts” 

–  that adds new capabilities to people 

–  that amplify and allow more of “it” in every direction.  

There will be many other inventions and breakthroughs over the years to come .

One thing that we can manage and should stay constant is our human behaviour and values 

As a sage once said 

“Treat your fellow being the way you want to be treated” and “Do no harm” everything else is commentary 

See a great post on chatgpt https://marcprensky.substack.com/p/generative-ai-and-our-kids

Posted on February 5, 2023

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