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Australian Budget 2023 – focussing on solving skills shortage

The 2022-2023 Budget is looking to solve the skills shortage pain through upskilling , reskilling and migration 

  • up skilling and reskilling

Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor promises to contribute $550 million to a $1 billion 12-month Skills Agreement that will support access to 180,000 fee-free TAFE and vocational education places from January 2023, jointly funded with States and Territories, as part of a commitment to 480,000 places over 4 years

Extra training places will be delivered in the critical skill shortage areas:

  • Care, including aged care, early education and care, health care, disability care
  • Technology and Increasing digital skills.
  • Hospitality and tourism;
  • Construction;
  • Agriculture; and
  • Increasing our sovereign capability in areas like manufacturing, and Defence.

Education Minister Jason Clare 

“This means more teachers, nurses and engineers and it means more Australians from poor families and rural and remote Australia doing these jobs. That’s life-changing.”


Increasing migration quota to 195k per annum

With an increase of 35,000 seats, the permanent migration program will expand from 160,000 to 195,000 places

More parent visas will be available, which is an increase from 4,500 in 2021-22 to 8,500 this year

International students will have their work restrictions relaxed until 30 June 2023, allowing them to work additional hours in any sector

 Visas for partners and children will be granted based on demand with no ceiling

Additional funding to expedite visa processing, resolve the visa backlog, and promote opportunities for high-skilled migrants

Higher Education 

$485m over next 4 years – for More teachers, nurses and engineers will be trained after 20,000 extra university places were allocated to courses in areas of critical skills needs. 

These places  will be allocated to students under-represented at Australian universities including those from poorer backgrounds, Indigenous Australians and students from rural and remote Australia.

Posted on October 27, 2022

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