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Craig Saphin and Dr Steve Barlow interview Ivan Kaye on the "Future of Work"


Ivan is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of BSI, a group of companies that have resulted from a series

 of acquisitions. His priority is to surround himself with great people.

How work is done and people go to work has completely changed. We are living in an environment of a distributed workforce. Going to a physical office is a rare phenomenon, not every day, as it was only three years ago. There is a blend between working from home and in an office.  

There needs to be a way in which people can communicate and collaborate, ideally, on a face-to-face basis. Speaking regularly and continuity are vital behaviours to foster.

Every employee is the centre of their universe. Everyone has their Agenda, Values and Vision.  

For the Strategy to work in this environment, the stakeholders must be aligned on values and be on board with the strategic journey.

People leave managers and leaders because the values and Vision are not aligned. Money is not the priority.

Heather McGowan wrote a piece on the future career profiles of younger generations – they will have over 20 jobs and multiple professions over their careers. 

They will be lifelong learners .

With the advent of social media, every employee is a journalist. Treat employees as customers of the business.

Education, lifelong learning & career advancement are critical drivers for the retention of young people. At the end of the period with the company, the personal and career goals should be realised. The achievements can range from skills to earning capacity and business networks.

A lot of companies do not expect their staff to stay at the organisation for an extended period of time.

A key to attracting talent to an organisation is to be clear on the Vision and Values of the organisation. Their Vision and Values need to match with the organisations. Employees will join an organisation when the Vision and Values align with their unique Vision and Values.

The companies that will do best will spend most of the planning time working out the details which define the ideal client. What is the client’s avatar, age, social demographic, individual or company? An accurate definition of the client permits meaningful targeting.  

How is it best to engage with the ideal client? Unique offerings are optimal. 

Everything you do and stand for in the workplace and personal life reflects your Values and Vision. The acronym TREAT is relevant in this context.


·       Team

·       Respect

·       Energy

·       Adventurous

·       Trust

There are many reasons to be optimistic in the current times. Technology is only now starting to gather pace. There is a lot of wealth for investment. The energy future is exciting, with many possible outcomes.

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Posted on September 7, 2022

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